Girl holding broccoli(True)

True! A cup of broccoli has more
vitamin C than an orange.

Can you believe it? A single orange has about 51 mg of vitamin C compared with a cup of broccoli, which has about 81 mg. Yes, broccoli has more vitamin C than an orange! Broccoli also contains less natural sugar and more vitamin B6. But broccoli and oranges are still both a great source of vitamin C, and both provide a lot of calcium and dietary fiber too. While we’re talking about broccoli, did you know …

  • Broccoli also contains vitamin A, which helps fight cancer and keeps eyes healthy.
  • A whopping 90% of the broccoli in the United States is grown in California.
  • Because there is no method to mechanically harvest broccoli, it is harvested by hand.
  • When compared calorie for calorie, broccoli has more protein than steak!

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