Food banks are doing everything they can to get food for families, but they need help!

January 24, 2022 / 5 mins read
Food banks need help.

High prices at the grocery store, increased gas prices during the peak of winter, and a new COVID-19 wave means millions of families are depending on food banks to keep food on the table. But those same increasing food prices, along with supply chain disruptions, also make it harder for food banks to stay stocked.

Food banks in the Feeding America network continue to work tirelessly to help every person who comes through their doors, just as they have every day before and since the pandemic started.

But they're in an impossible spot. With a new pandemic surge, high food and gas prices, and fewer food donations, they've had to buy more food than they usually do to keep shelves stocked – and that food is more expensive than ever. A dollar just doesn't stretch as far these days.

The vegetables, fruit, dairy, and meat that food banks get through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) help make up the gap…but Congress and the United States Department of Agriculture have yet to authorize more funding for the program. Without more TEFAP funding, food banks would lose out on 1.3 BILLION pounds of food.

Take just a few minutes to tell Congress: Send more food to food banks so they can help the millions of people relying on them!

Thank you for your commitment to helping ensure that food banks can help every single one of our neighbors in need.

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