A Holiday Message from our CEO

December 21, 2021 / 5 mins read

Dear Friends of the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank,

As another year impacted by the disruption of COVID-19 draws to a close, I continue to be struck by the adaptability and commitment of our staff, volunteers, donors, and community partners throughout this pandemic. The daily impacts of COVID-19 are consistently evident and far-reaching, impacting health and safety protocols, supply chains, consumer prices, and many other aspects of life.

Yet, every day, hard-working staff are present to ensure that our programs are operating, food is being distributed, and needed support resources are generated. Similarly, volunteers are consistently braving the inherent risks posed by COVID-19 to sort food products, pack food boxes, and help with food distribution. Donors also continue to demonstrate their much-needed generosity in response to the challenges faced by tens of thousands of people across our region.

Truly, the outpouring of human goodness offered to counteract the effects of the coronavirus is humbling and heartening. It is in that spirit of uplifting hope that I wish all our friends across the community best wishes for a happy holiday season.

This time of year challenges each of us to be at our best and to renew those common bonds that often get forgotten in the daily bustle of life. I hope that the daily inspiration offered by all those who remember the needs of their neighbors year-round may elevate your spirit as it does mine this holiday season.

Thank you for the many ways you give support and hope. May those gifts be returned to you in abundance at this special time of year!


Dan Maher

President & CEO

Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank

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