6 ways to help during Hunger Action Month

September 15, 2020 / 5 mins read

This September communities across America are committing to fight hunger during Hunger Action Month. With every action, we get one step closer to making hunger a thing of the past. Not sure how to participate in Hunger Action Month? We have six easy ways you can get involved. 1. Thank food bank heroes for their dedication during these challenging times Food bank staff and volunteers are on the frontlines every day putting themselves at risk to help feed America. Due to the pandemic, food banks are serving more people than ever – with an average increase of 50% across the country. Send a short note to let food bank staff and volunteers know that their hard work is changing lives.

2. Brush up on the latest hunger facts so you can debunk the myths

Some people believe that hunger isn’t an issue in America. But that simply isn’t true. Every county in the United States struggles with food insecurity. By sharing these five myths about hunger, you can help raise awareness of the problem and inspire your friends & family to help.

3. Fundraise for Hunger Action Month

Invite your friends and family to join in the fight to end hunger by donating to your local food bank or to Feeding America. Starting a fundraiser on Facebook takes just a few minutes but goes a long way to help families in need.

4. Become a regular food bank or food pantry volunteer

Over half of all soup kitchens, food pantries, and meal programs in the Feeding America network rely on volunteer support. Spending a few hours each month volunteering can make an enormous difference for food banks and the families they serve. And it can help you live longer and be happier.

5. Talk to your children about hunger in America

It is never too early to get involved in the fight to end hunger in your community. Our Family Action Plan has fun activities that will help you talk to your child about hunger and age-appropriate ways they can make a difference.

6. Donate to Feeding America or your local food bank

Your donation to Feeding America or one of our member food banks keeps hunger relief programs across the country running smoothly. While donating food may seem like the best thing to do to help your local food bank, the Feeding America network of food banks can do even more with a monetary donation.

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