Thank You

Thanks for All You Do!

Thank you for your support! Food isn’t just good for our bodies — it’s good for our minds, too. That’s why we LOVE sharing fun food facts and funny food jokes with friends like you!

Food has a lot of superpowers. Sure, we need it to survive, but it also brings people together and can even transport us to another place in time! With just a taste or a smell, we’re back in our childhood home or around a holiday table. Food is pretty incredible!

Your continued support helps provide nutritious food to your neighbors facing hunger. By providing meals, neighbors get more than nourishment. They get the chance to spark a happy memory or gather their families around a special meal that creates memories for future generations.

Your donations make that happen. Every $1 you give helps provide 2 meals for families, children, and seniors. Together, we can provide the healthy food that helps build a stronger, hopeful, more resilient community. Thank you for all you do.

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