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Our volunteers come from religious groups, families, businesses, schools, civic groups, and as individuals. We have opportunities for adults, teenagers, and those as young as 10 years can give back to their community. 

Click here to get a description of our volunteer opportunities, age requirements, and locations.

Click here for instructions on how to sign up as a volunteer.  You must fill out a volunteer application in order to view event dates and times.

Individual Volunteer Application  For adults and volunteers 14 years and up.  All volunteers younger than 18 years must provide a youth consent form.  Click here for the youth consent form.

Group & Family Application  For adult and youth groups and families with children under 14 years.  A responsible adult must fill out this application for youth groups.  Youth under this application do not need to provide a youth consent form.

Youth Groups
Youth groups with ages 10 – 14 years  must have one responsible adult present for a group of five youth volunteers.
Youth groups  with ages 15 – 17 years must have one responsible adult present for  a group of seven youth volunteers.

Please click here to read our Volunteer Handbook as you will be asked to agree with the content within your application.

Court Mandated Community Service
We only accept court mandated community service volunteers with traffic violations, excluding DUI charges.  Paperwork must be provided at orientation; otherwise, you will not receive credit for community service hours.

Community Service Volunteers are approved by the Volunteer Services Manager and must meet with the Volunteer Services Manager before starting their hours. The Volunteer Services Manager audits all submitted hours.

Dress Policy:  Sneakers and work boots are the only acceptable footwear option (no flip flops or sandals); no tank tops or sleeveless shirts; shorts must be at the knee length, no mini-skirts or bicycle bottoms of any length.  Dress to the weather, most events takes place in a warehouse or outside.


Development Manager - Volunteers & Food Sourcing
Cybele Brooks
(540) 371-7666 ext. 133